Residential Reports

Comprehensive, accurate inspection reports customized to your specific requirements

Our residential inspection reports provide underwriters with accurate, thorough assessments and descriptions of the property. We provide more than just photos around the premises: We examine the exterior for maintenance problems such as decaying mortar, missing gutters and downspouts, missing or worn roof shingles, and structural issues. We also examine the property grounds for liability hazards such as broken sidewalks or walkways, damaged steps, as well as loose or missing handrails.

We then create your recommendation letters and include them with your reports, free of charge.

On average, UIA residential reports are completed, and reviewed by our QC department, within 10 days.

Vital information in our residential reports includes:

  • Presence of any swimming pools or unusual exposures
  • Any potentially dangerous recreational equipment such as trampolines
  • Dogs or other potentially dangerous animals
  • Distance to closest fire hydrant and nearest fire department
  • Vacant, vandalized, or dilapidated properties nearby
  • Recommendations on how to improve safety and maintenance to mitigate potential losses